A sumptuous smorgasbord of scent, harking back to the exotica of a grand, bygone time.

It opens with an unmistakable zest of Bergamot, teased with crisp red Apple and the green woodiness of Petitgrain. It then moves fittingly, into the palatial surrounds with the local icons of Rose, Tulip and Iris, melded harmoniously with the sweet ooze of Vanilla Bean, Benzoin and Amber. Juxtaposed by the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ persona of Ambergris, its musky charm is coupled with its salty, animalic nuances, evoking memories of the Bosphorus. Finally, the brassiness of the heavy hitters arrive on the scene. Cedar, Patchouli and Oud stride majestically by, akin to the fearsome cacophony of a Mehter march.


Perfume Type: Floral Fougere 

Perfumer: Rasei Fort

Year: 2016